I avoided writing this post in light of the current atmosphere, World Press Freedom Day, you know… But then I thought within the dark space of my existence,

what better time?

There is a feeling being shared, and that is, Where is my freedom? Where is our freedom? Why aren’t we… ‘free’ yet? So I have done what I can to share the Lament of the Caged Spirit: Love ruled by Hate.



“Almost 60 years on since the United Nations’ declaration

of human right to freedom of opinion and expression in 1948,

the press freedom is still in appalling state” –mariani



What about the freedom to a life without class-bred poverty?



Is this History being Forgotten in progress? Imagine 50, or 100 years from now, this Tower of Freedom; what kind of propaganda will fill its mouth to remind people of the Terror that President Bush defeated, or more likely, is still being fought?



A world without roadsigns?

(An argument for responsibility over dictation.)


Getting to the point: Press Freedom, or Freedom of Speech?



“”Marry Vietnamese Women” _ says advertisement placards

set up in the countryside and on the outskirts of metropolises.

And many Korean men follow the advice:

In 2000, there were only 95 Korean-Vietnamese couples,

but the number has rocketed to more than 10,000 in just five years.”



“And behind us you can see the majestic mountain, the highest mountain in the world.

It belongs to the Tibetan people. This is Tibet. I am a Tibetan and this is my land.

The Chinese government has no right to be here.” -Tenzin Dorjee



“… anyone who wants to point the finger at China

had better sweep in front of their own door first.

Everyone’s liberties are being eroded at this time,

and we all must fight the fight on our own turf.” –mrbluze (1034940)





~ by ambour001 on 05/05/07.

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