Time Has No Meaning Anymore: No Sleep – Wintermute

“As I continue to think of my current state I slowly realize that I am no longer my present self. I become whoever I seek to be and definition of self begins to blur. It is in this state of mind that I feel free, for I gain the ability to truly let that which does not matter slide and focus only on the things that have real meaning in my life.

Time, as it is typically defined, no longer has meaning in this state,
for time is merely mans attempt to define something that he has no
control over because our time in this world is granted to us by a God
who transcends time.

Thus, time takes a more abstract form where my mind, body, and soul gain a true equilibrium and happiness is found in this current moment of my existence. It is then that I realize my place in this world and I am even more convinced that time has no meaning anymore.”

I hope he continues to lose sleep.

Fear of Death and Aggression – Philo Agora

… the main source of human anxieties and fear is the fact that we all subconsciously know that we are mortal…

… the desire to know the secret of man, can be through love but it can also result in an urge to power over another, with terrible cruelty and violence and physical violation as a result. Much like a child who in curiosity pulls the wings off a butterfly.

I believe this is a very important article. Though I, Ambour, personally am not new this this concept, having it spelled out so perfectly well is a pleasure to observe.

Man’s thirst for survival in the future makes him incapable of living in the present”. According to Buddhist philosophy life is a serious opportunity and a “precious and fragile” gift.

Yet we human beings, perhaps westerners in particular, have instead a “ defensive, controlling and fearful” quality, avoiding the “nakedness” of our souls and our vulnerability to decaying and death.

One argument stems from humans being too frightened to renounce ‘immortality systems’, such as religion, and another claims the plight is existential, yet rooted in ‘Adam and Eve’ psychology. It even presumes to understand the minds/souls of other animals, in traditional Monotheistic style.

… these affiliations are an attempt to overcome our existentialist anxiety that we have by reason of our self-awareness arising from when we were expelled from paradise and became aware of not really our own nakedness, but rather our separateness from each other. Or to put it another way, these affiliations are our way of overcoming that lack of unselfaware connectness enjoyed by animals with our world.

Yes, if only you were something decidedly less aware– or as so defined by the crazy, death-fearing humans.


~ by ambour001 on 03/05/07.

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