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Why Beauty is Truth – Ian Stewart

I have read this entry and determined it worthwhile, engaging, and ultimately aiding me in my Search. He proposes a kind of sublime symmetry that pervades even science and math. Unfortunately, one has to read his book, and I don’t think there’s a .txt version for me. But still, there are quotes to share. Here (the first) he describes a kind of Shakespearean Mathematician.

And the person who made the key discoveries, a young Frenchman called Évariste Galois, led a dramatic and rather tragic life, dying in a duel over a woman at the age of 21.

A key figure here was Girolamo Cardano, a polymath and a scoundrel, whose life reads like a sensationalist soap opera.

As the structure of the book became clearer, I realised that it had to be a ‘people book’, centred on the historical figures and their lives.


Yes; Beauty is making more sense to me, now.


Relevant Article: Coding Like a Girl


She Walks in Beauty – Atherton Bartelby

This is a different kind of love affair; that between friends.

She walks in beauty, this Johanna woman. She has inspired so many words from me throughout the years that I have known her, been blessed with being her friend, and counted her creativity and her practical wisdom among the most treasured gifts of my life.

Extraordinarily driven, extemporaneously creative, and extremly attuned to the aesthetics of quotidian life, Johanna inspires every person she meets to love each day. I have lost count of how many times I have marveled at her sense of taste (food, wine, fashion, etc.), her attention to detail (the way two different fabrics in a single room work together, the way a single herb added to a dinner dish will change the dish’s entire flavor, the way a piece of life advice may be offered to a friend and, suddenly, everything seems so clear), and her genuine love of life.

This is a woman whose talents, creativity, and intuition extend far beyond any line item on her resume, any single detail one could glean from meeting her for the first time, or any drop of eloquently scented oil that she places, precisely, at the proper pulse points. This is a woman who knows aesthetics, who is creative enough to execute them, and who is intuitive enough to know if they will work with the person she is with at the time.

This is a woman who is ambitious, who is committed, and who finds it quite simple to make the lives of those around her better, be it by an intuitive back massage, by the lighting of the perfect scent of incense to enhance the mood of the evening, or by just being there; her simple presence makes each moment that much better.

This is a woman who is talented. This is a woman who is fashionable. This is a woman who would not only benefit from your institution’s program, but who would also take everything she learns from it, make it her own, and translate it into something wonderful for each client she assists in the future.

This is a woman who walks in beauty. And everyone who walks with her walks the same path.

So, beauty is to be celebrated, honored in death and gleaned from code. Beauty is everywhere, and only within the few who can hold it.


But I think what’s most alarming is this:

I now believe that Beauty is more powerful than God

Because God is defined by Beauty


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